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Hidden Crown Jewel for your home or office

Four throw pillows on a couch

Fall in Love With Our Unique and Gorgeous Interior Designs!

Get unique designs and aesthetic decor for a more refreshing and eye-catching interior here at Rare Gem Interior Designs! With our passion for home decorating, we can provide one-on-one design services to homeowners and businesses in Virginia and virtual services around the globe thru E-Design. Contact us for interior decorating, furniture, accessories, lighting, artwork, mirrors, DIY decorating, and home staging services. 

A Message From the Owner

“Greetings! I am ShaVonnie Zimmerman, the owner and founder of Rare Gem Interior Designs. I began pursuing design in 2013 after being the general contractor for my custom home. Lucky for you, I learned from my mistakes during that process and can truly say experience is a good teacher. However, I gained the knowledge that has allowed me to develop my love  and passion for Interior Design and Home Fashion.

Soon afterwards, I began working closely with various builders and contractors, assisting them with flooring, cabinetry, countertop, paint color, wallpaper, plumbing, and light fixture selections. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with these contractors and the long lasting business connections.

After several years of working for others and helping family and friends with their homes, I decided to branch out and start my own interior design business. Through the years while I was assisting others, I often referred to many of the projects as a diamond in the rough that was transformed into a "Rare Gem".

Here at Rare Gem Interior Designs, I will accomplish the same results for you while incorporating your individual unique style as we collaborate to create a space you and your guest will forever love.

Why Choose Us? 

At Rare Gem Interior Designs, you can count on us to be fully devoted to your design needs until your project is complete. We have access to major brand furniture manufactures to accommodate every style and budget. We highly value the quality and beauty of your home, and we will reflect this in every design. YOU CAN TRUST US TO BE TRANSPARENT WITHOUT ANY SURPRISES. 

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